Teacher Training

Teacher training

Teacher training at Satya Anahata involves a comprehensive dive into the true meaning of yoga. Together, we familiarize ourselves with the eight limbed path of yoga while exploring the concept of the Self. Our training is multifaceted in its approach as we believe in exploring different avenues of healing and consult many professionals to guide every student individually.

In order to fully equip us in the discipline of yoga we analyze the inner workings of the mind, body, and spirit. Satya Anahata’s training gives every student the tools to fully integrate the mindfulness of yoga into any lifestyle. Following the eight limbed path allows us to consistently train our bodies, mind and breath. This training establishes a greater sense of self through observing the pattern of creation that informs all life around us. Through training the mind and following the heart, we forge a reality rooted in wellness. Our focus on Yogic philosophy coupled with anatomy reveals the science of yoga. Our holistic and systematic approach allows us to explore, create, and expand through this interdisciplinary art. This immersive training results in a 200 hour certification from yoga alliance in order to commemorate your newly acquired skills. Further, we provide every student with a CPR trainer that also results in a certification. Satya Anahata is staffed with extraordinary teachers that are committed to supporting our trainees by sharing their expertise and knowledge. Our graduates have taken the art of yoga into many different worlds and contribute their experiences throughout the training. Together, we use the freedom that yoga gives us to sculpt a conscious life and a brighter world. We are committed to creating an environment that gives every member the nourishment needed to grow the seeds in their hearts. We hope to see you soon!

You can expect to learn and experience the following in our 200hr Vinyasa training:

  • History of Yoga

  • Yoga Sutras

  • The Eight-Limbed Path

  • Anatomy for Yoga

  • The Subtle Energetic Body

  • Methods in Teaching

  • Sequencing Classes

  • Theming Classes

  • Hands-On Assisting

  • Professional Ethics

  • Mind, Body, Soul Alignment

  • The Chakras

  • Compassion/Self-Forgiveness

  • Confidence/Belief in Self

  • Ayurvedic Self-Care

  • Finding (and loving) Your Voice

  • Kirtan and Mantras

  • Kriyas and Bandhas

  • Breath Work Techniques

  • Meditation

  • Self-Discipline

  • Shamanic Breath Work

  • CPR Certification

  • Business of Yoga

Please submit the completed form below if you are ready to step into a place of unconditional love and understanding while working towards growth and new life skills.

Teacher Training Course Application

Application Requirements:

1. Complete and submit application (see below)

2. Schedule interview with Ginger Bowden

3. Remit 25% deposit (upon acceptance into program)

(payment plans are available must be paid in full for graduation)

10 NE 2nd Street

Delray Beach, Fl 33444



Training schedule and cost

Our trainings are 6 week intensives.

We meet on Friday evenings and all day Saturdays and Sundays

Tuition cost: $1,800

Payment options available

Scholarships may also be available